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Next Gallery Show – Sept. 12

WVAL Members Juried Exhibition

September 12, 2017 through November 7, 2017
Juror: Doris Vasek
Austin, Texas
Awards: Best in Show $200, Second Place $100, Third Place $50
Up to 6 honorable mentions are possible


Tuesday, September 12– 8:00-11:00am – Deliver Entries to the Wimberley Community Center, 14070 RR 12, at the intersection of River Road. No entries will be accepted after 11 a.m. as the jury process will have begun.

Tuesday, September 12– 1:00-2:00pm – Return to Community Center to Pick Up Unselected Entries.

Friday, September 15- 5:00-7:00pm – Opening and Artist’s Champagne Reception – Community Center

Tuesday, November 7 -8:00-11:00am – Pick Up Artwork at Community Center



1.  Entry is available to WVAL artists. Entrants may submit up to 4 artworks for this exhibit. The non-refundable application fee is $20. This application and release form must be completed and submitted on entry day. You are invited to bring a one-page bio. Artwork previously exhibited in the WVAL gallery is not eligible. Subject matter should be appropriate for all visitors to the WVAL Gallery which is a family oriented venue housed in the Wimberley Community Center. Therefore no nudes or potentially controversial subjects may be displayed. Please check the Media Guidelines on the label page for example acceptable mediums for various art categories.

To read more of the requirements and fill out an application, please click on this link to  Get the Word Doc Here

July 2017 Gallery Show

WVAL Members Juried Exhibition

July 18, 2017 through September 12, 2017
Juror: Philip Rogers

Director/Curator of 701 Gallery at the Long Center<
Austin, Texas

Awards:  Best in Show $200, Second Place $100, Third Place $50
Up to 6 honorable mentions are possible


Tuesday, July 18– 8:00-11:00am – Deliver Entries to the Wimberley Community Center, 14070 RR 12, at the intersection of River Road.  No entries will be accepted after 11 a.m. as the jury process will have begun.
Tuesday, July 18– 1:00-2:00pm – Return to Community Center to Pick Up Unselected Entries.
Friday, July 21- 5:00-7:00pm – Opening and Artist’s Champagne Reception – Community Center
Tuesday, September 12 -8:00-11:00amPick Up Artwork at Community Center

Download PDF Application Here

Download MS Word Application Here

F A B U L O U S – 1Oth Anniversary


Wow! We had a huge crowd come out to help us celebrate. Charlotte Caldwell created a wonderful spread for all to enjoy and Trudi Allison did the flowers. The art was done by an array of WVAL members and is spectacular. Congrats to the winners and thank you Wimberley for coming out to enjoy our party!
Best of Show: George Krause
Second Place: Steve Shellenberger
​Third Place: Jim McDonald

Caterer extraordinaire Charlotte Caldwell

George Krause and his inspiration

Steve Shellenberger

DR or Dracula?

Anna Lisa Leal – Guest Speaker

Sept. 11, General Meeting

I’ve always loved the act of creation – especially in combination with the outdoors. My subject matter is what moves me and it’s usually based around the patterns of nature. My goal as a painter is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor living spaces. As a native Texan, I am drawn to the beauty of the American Southwest for her color and the tenacity of the plants and animals. The odd beauty of a cactus – prickly, spiny, difficult to touch – yet splendid in their own right. The line and undulation of the agave leaf. The poignant beauty of the agave flower- the last hurrah before her eventual demise. I know that the subject I am painting is in alignment with the universe when I’m painting and go into a Zen state. Those are the best paintings – the reflection of nature’s spirit in all of us.

May Gallery Show and 10th Anniversary Celebration!

  • May 16, 8-11am  —  Jury day for next art exhibit.
  • May 19; 5-7pm — Gallery Reception and 10 Year Gallery Anniversary Celebration! Art, cake, champagne. It’s a party, folks!
  • The winner of Maxine Price’s painting will be announced.

MAY 8 – RON RENCHER & Workshop


Our guest speaker for our May 8 meeting will be Ron Rencher, a plein air painter extraordinaire! Take a look at his work on his website. You won’t want to miss this meeting. Ron will be discussing how to use color, shapes, and values to create unity and harmony in a painting. Ron currently lives in Wimberley but will be relocating to Taos so we are lucky to have caught him before he takes off.



Ron will teach a one-day workshop on landscape painting and how to bring life to a painting by the proper use of values and color temperature. The workshop fee, including lunch, is $135 for members and $170 for non-members. To register, email Kathie Carlson.

The Wimberley Valley Art League hosts its 9th annual Wimberley Arts Fest at a new location directly on the Blanco River. With more room for displays, parking and entertainment, about 115 local, regional and international artists are expected to exhibit. The artists are carefully selected to ensure a high quality festival. In addition to the artists’ booths, there will be continuous live music, lots of fresh food, and a beer and wine bar. Shuttles will take attendees into Wimberley Square for shopping/dining and exploring town galleries. Free admission; behaved dogs on leashes are welcome. Behaved people too! More info at


Spring on the Blanco by Maxine Price

Spring on the Blanco by Maxine Price

This gorgeous oil painting, “Spring on the Blanco” will be on silent auction at Art on 12 beginning April 18. Painted by Maxine Price, using her palette knife techniques, she is donating it so the proceeds can go to Lilli Pell’s medical expenses. The painting is 24 x 24 x 1.5″ and is gallery wrapped and ready to hang. Maxine Price is a nationally known artist and shows her work in a number of galleries, including Gallery on the Square in Wimberley. The winner of the silent auction will be announced on May 19th at the next WVAL Gallery reception.

February 2017 Gallery Show


Once again, a good sized crowd came to the show opening. This show, juried by Mona Marshall, features a wide variety of art and some exciting 3-D work by new WVAL members James Miller and Lenise Perez-Miller. Photos provided by Winifred Simon, Lynn Myers, and Elizabeth Dotterer. Thanks!

Best of Show:  Susan Metcalfe, “Make for Shore”
Second Place:  Herb Smith, “Cypress Root Sculpture”
Third Place: James Miller, “Double Iron”
Honorable Mentions:

  • Russ Bragg, “Family”
  • Elizabeth Dotterer, “Prayers for Peace”
  • Mikiko Kudo, “Adrian with his Cello”
  • P. Cleve Ragan, “Backwards Glance”
  • Steve Shellenberger, “Nema”
  • Winifred Simon, “Rust Abstract”

Wimberley Valley Art League Exhibition
 Juror’s Statement,  Mona J. Marshall

Every juror has biases.  I am aware that I look for work that raises questions, that surprises
me, or that makes me feel that the artist has pushed into unknown territory in terms of the medium or the form.  The work in this show ranges far and wide in media, content, style and level of accomplishment.  While it makes the show a bit unwieldy to judge and organize, it also yields unexpected correspondences and contrasts.
To name a few:  The accomplished composition of Taylor Dueker, solidly in the modernist camp, is easy to imagine next to the mid century objects and tools of obscure origin, repurposed to become quirky machines made by James Miller.
Some work seemed to address the larger environment or world, beyond the normal conventions of traditional landscape, such as the fantastic little painting of chaos called “Aftermath” by Norma Green, the man made pool confining a burst of too blue water by Winifred Simon, and the tornado of letters, “Prayers for Peace”, by Elizabeth Dotterer.
Of the work which begins with more formal concerns, I enjoyed the way Curtis Scott played with our perception of what is on the surface and what is behind, as well as the wonderful use of negative space in the sculpture by Ross Bragg.  The ambiguous space in “Make for Shore” by Susan Metcalfe made me look again.
To mention a few others:  Of the artists who’s subject is drawn from their own life, there is a sense of order if not serenity in the painting of a garden by Mikiko Kudo, and an arresting undertone of unease or vulnerability in the “Cello Player”, by the same artist.
I continued to think about Martha Gibson’s floating figure.  The woman in a white night gown floats above a room drawn in black and white.  It seems to be about memory or a dream, but then the eyes of the floating woman are wide open.
One more nod to the excellent photography of George Krause’s “Death Mask and Angel’s Five” series and Herb Smith’s very dynamic black and white images of Cypress trees.
I could go on; the jewelry artists, for example, deserve mention, but there are too many artists here to name all.  It would be fun to know the stories behind many of the pieces in this show, but in the end the work speaks for itself.  It was a privilege for me to spend some time with it. 

Wimberley is now a Texas Cultural District

Look! Wimberley is now one of 28 Texas cities that is designated by the State as a Cultural District. Yipee!

The town of Wimberley, located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, has been known as an arts enclave for decades. Many people choose to live in Wimberley because of its creative vibe and cultural energy. Wimberley Valley Art League is proud to be a part of this beautiful town and to represent over 200 of its members in shows and special events. We are a happening group of creative souls!

April Meeting Features Maxine Price

Maxine Price is a long-time WVAL member who is having success in multiple galleries, including Gallery on the Square in Wimberley. She is a savvy marketer of her work and will discuss her approach to “being seen.”

Price received her BFA degree in Art from the University of Texas at Austin and over her career has pursued various aspects of art including being a book designer, a fashion illustrator, an interior designer, a graphic artist, a portrait artist and a painter showing in numerous galleries and juried shows in the Southwestern United States. Many of her portraits hang on the campuses of The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio. Her original oil paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Mexico, England, Germany, Japan and Bermuda.

While still doing an occasional portrait, Price decided in 1992 to make creative painting a full time pursuit and began a journey of experimentation and exploration, working with various mediums including watercolor, acrylics and liquid inks. Several years ago, during a visit to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, she began noticing abstract patterns in the ancient walls and began a series of abstract paintings, in oils with palette knife, inspired by the colors and textures of old San Miguel. Thus began a love affair with oils, the palette knife and abstraction that continues today.