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Trisha T. Bridges

MEDIUM:Oil, Watercolor

Rebecca Briley

MEDIUM:Oil, Mixed Media

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Artist Statement

If I were to divide my life in half, before graduate school and after, I would describe my work in the first half as paintings of landscape and figures in the landscape, at the beach, in the studio.  Images from the second half could be described as less direct, conceptual work that focuses more on the process of mark making, pigment, paint, and brushstroke. But, you could say that was true of the earlier landscapes as well.
Since moving to Wimberley 3 years ago I have become re-inspired by this landscape of sky, water, and distances. I find myself working closer to German Expressionism than the Impressionist, using color for the joy and expressiveness of it all.

Bernice Brown

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels, Pen & Ink,Sculpture

Monica Lee Brown

MEDIUM:Oil, Metal

Carol Walker Bryant

MEDIUM:Oil, Watercolor, Pastels, Encaustic, Mixed Media

Ron Bullied


Joanna Burch

MEDIUM:Oils, Watercolor, Porcelain

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Artist Statement

Joanna Burch, a native Texan, grew up along the south Texas shoreline most of her life. As a result, her love for coastal activities found it’s way into much of her early artistic work. Observing those special moments of interaction with family and friends, through body language and colorful objects of fun and play, has inspired her to create wonderful, everyday, scenic images which embody many of her coastal paintings.

Charlotte Caldwell


Mark W. Canada

MEDIUM:Acrylics, Steel Sculpture, Photography

Suzann S. Cantwell


Elaine Cardenas


Mara Cardwell

MEDIUM:Oil, Pastels

Artist Statement

Mara Cardwell started painting in her twenties after encouraged by Dalhart Windberg and has not stopped since. On the serious side, she creates native landscapes with oils giving you the impression of photographic realism with great attention to detail. She expresses her fun side by creating impressionist artwork using vibrant colors with alcohol ink. Most recently Mara has been using pastels on mesquite and cedar planks to create animal portraits. Her styles with use of various mediums vary depending on spontaneous inspirations.

Kathie Carlson

MEDIUM:Jewelry, Fiber Arts

Cindy Carroll

MEDIUM:Pastel, Glass (Torch Worked)

Gina Casarez


Georgiana Chenault

MEDIUM:Oil, Watercolor

Cecilia Clowe

MEDIUM:Silver, copper, wood, paper

Barbara Clubb

MEDIUM:Acrylic, Pastel, Collage

Jic Clubb

MEDIUM:Acrylic, Drawing, Murals, Exhibit Design

Kaye Collins

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylics

Bob C. Cook

MEDIUM:Oil,Watercolor, Pastels, Photography

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Artist Statement

I’m a full time artist working in Oil, Pastel, Watercolor and Photography. I find that, in my work, painting and photography are converging as a similar artistic process is used to create the final image. I am a former President of WVAL and I am part owner of Art on 12 Gallery in Wimberley.

Toni Cook

MEDIUM:Folk Art Dolls

William Cook


Becky Copeland


Penny Cowan