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Susan Raine

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic, Pastels, Metal, Sculpture, Clay

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Artist Statement

I believe in channeling my creative compulsive disorder to produce unique works of art. The inspiration comes from nature and frequent visits to the unknown.

Bert Ray


Julie Ray

MEDIUM:Acrylic, Watercolor

Lorna Reutner


Betty Rhodes


Jennifer Richmond

MEDIUM:Fiber Art/Oil Painting/Acrylic Painting

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Artist Statement

My start in the arts began when I won a box of magic tricks for a drawing I submitted to the “Captain Kangaroo” show art contest when I was six years old and living in Dallas. I went on to earn a BFA at UT Austin, certification to teach art, and an MA at the University of North Texas. Unfortunately, I received the teaching certification just in time for the budget cuts to the arts in public schools. However, I was able to do adaptive methods for helping multiply disabled children work in art.

I have mainly created landscapes and spacescapes in pastel, oil and acrylic paint. It was after moving to Wimberley in 2012 and joining the Wimberley Quilt Guild on a whim, that I realized the possibilities of using fabric for landscapes. Where possible, I incorporate beading and embroidery. After taking a refresher weaving class with Kathy Utts at Ply! I now incorporate weaving to add more texture and richness with various yarn fibers. The endless choices of patterns, colors, textures, and combinations of shapes and design is a challenge I look forward to for each fiber art wall hanging.

Norma Richter


Karen Rogers

MEDIUM:Mixed Media

D'Ann Ross

MEDIUM:Acrylic, Watercolor

Judy Row

MEDIUM:Fiber, Jewelry, Collage

Bill Ryan

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Graphite

Cheryn Ryan

MEDIUM:Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media

Connie Schaertl

MEDIUM:Oil, Watercolor

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Artist Statement

With my oil paintings, I seek to stimulate a seed in the viewer, an invitation to co-create the experience of the painting according to the wealth of life, thought and perception he or she brings to the viewing.

Sherry Scott


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Artist Statement

I am an avid supporter of art and artists. I have yet to find my path to creating art.

Curtis Scott

MEDIUM:Mixed Media

Ann Seago

MEDIUM:Oil, Pastels

Steven Shellenberger

MEDIUM:Wooden Wall Art

Helen Short


Pamela S. Showalter

MEDIUM:Photography, Digital Art

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Artist Statement

I'm a Gallery Artist at Art on 12 Gallery and Studios in Wimberley, Texas, a proud member of the Wimberley Valley Art League, and serve on the Board of the Wimberley Valley Arts and Cultural Alliance.

Kaylee Silcocks

MEDIUM:Oils, Watercolor, Acrylics

Marlene Silcocks


Winifred Simon


Nikki Smith

MEDIUM:Watercolor, Mixed Media, Encaustics, Digital Art, Hand Made Artist Books

Herb Smith