Instructions for Your Member Profile

How To Add or Update Your Profile on WVAL

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please follow these instructions if you wish to add your information:

1. Please send your info to the Webmaster
2. Please use your membership directory email from  or note this email, so we get the right person.
3. Please title your email as: “WVAL Member Profile Information”
4. If you have a website that is not already listed in your profile, you may include it, or if you wish to make any changes to your email/website, you may do so.
5. Your Artist’s Statement can be no longer than 300 characters, which includes spaces.  (You can see  a sample statement on my profile here: must edit it for length. Please do not ask us to do that for you.
6. The ideal size for your Featured Image is 250px wide.  You can use a picture of yourself or your work.
7. Three additional images may be included for your portfolio. Recommended size is 500px tall  X 800px wide at 72 DPI.   They can be smaller, but if larger they may be scaled. Because of the speed of the internet here, please try to keep your images at a reasonable size, under 1 meg each. If you can’t do that yourself, you may want to share your files via Dropbox (sign up here:  or by some other means such as a Google Drive.  You can see my sample profile and images by clicking on my NAME on the profile page in #5.

If you have questions, just email me.