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Pat Haggerton

MEDIUM:Oil, watercolor

Ginger Heydman

MEDIUM:Acrylic, Watercolor, Beadwork, Fabric Painting

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My art of present began with an effort to create a balanced image using a continuous single line.
I use dash lines to create energy and to represent rain. Plants are my inspiration. I am trying to portray a vibratory essence growing towards joy.

Lydia Hill

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylics

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Lydia sees the possibility of a painting in almost everything she looks at and tries to transfer the joy she feels while creating a painting into her work. She loves color and uses it lavishly. Her work was shown in many galleries on the Southern California Coast before moving to Texas.

Kay Hughes

MEDIUM:Acrylics, Oil, Encaustic

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I paint on stretched canvas, this is mostly in acrylics, mixed media, oils and Encaustics, it depends on the subject matter and how patient I am feeling.

Vicki Hujsak