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Bonnie Jaimes


Betty Jameson

MEDIUM:Water Media

Nikki Jinkins

MEDIUM:Watercolor, Drawing, Handmade Paper, Pottery

Jesse J. Jobes


Guillermina Jobes


Danny Jones

MEDIUM:Oil, Watercolor, Pastels

D. R. Jones


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"For me, art is a way to depict a real world subject (animals, people, places) in a mythical world setting. My goal is to combine my personal history as a 4th Generation Texan with the cultural mythology of the American West. The cultural mythology is drawn from the evolving popular culture perceptions of the historical American Frontier - from Tonto and the Lone Ranger, to Gunsmoke, to Little Big Man, to Dances With Wolves. So, I try to create works of art that let me travel to this mythic American West and I hope that you, the viewer, will join me on the journey."