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Nancy Paton


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My art reflects a dance between the two sides of my brain. One moment, I am in the left side of my brain and accuracy and realism is key. The next moment, I am in the right side, where creativity and spontaneity abound. Each of my paintings has a special place in my heart and they all have a purpose. Some are works of art created to enjoy a specific color. Some are experiments in form or style. And some are just for fun, because I never want to lose the joy and spontaneity of the creation of art.

Marianne Payne


Lilli Pell


Lenise Perez-Miller

MEDIUM:Mixed Media, Ceramics, Metals

Jefferis Peterson


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I began drawing in pen and ink in my early preteens, studied oil painting with Mr. Dan Mistrik in high school. Since 1993, I've worked in graphic arts & web design, and returned to painting in 2006.

Michael Petty


Sue Dee Pirkle

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil

Rob Pitzer

MEDIUM:Gallery Owner, Photography

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Pitzer's Fine Arts

Diana Popham


Claire Porter


Maxine Price