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Jim McJunkin


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Jim McJunkin has been making photographs for almost half a century, beginning with a stint in the US Army and an assignment as a still photographer in Vietnam. Since then Jim has been involved in a number of art and photography shows around the country, including Laguna Gloria Art Museum and Mexicarte Museum in Austin Texas. He also has work in the permanent collection at the National Vietnam Art Museum in Chicago. Jim lives with his wife Beth and dog Lily in Wimberley, Texas.

Trisha McWaters

MEDIUM:Photography, Mixed Media

Susan Metcalfe

MEDIUM:Mixed Media, Encaustic

Dorothy Ann Metting

MEDIUM:Acrylic, Encaustic, Mosaics, Mixed Media

Nina Mihm

MEDIUM:Mixed Media

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Nina Mihm is a mixed media artist whose work characterizes the chic, bohemian culture that underpins the Texas Hill Country lifestyle. By combining layering techniques with soft, feminine imagery, Mihm weaves a patchwork of poise and peacefulness. Yet there is also a deep intimacy to her work that embraces the whimsical nostalgia of everyday rural life.
Mihm’s layering process includes the use of acrylic paints and torn collage papers with the goal of blending the media into a cohesive composition. While texture is a dominant element of her work, Mihm also seeks to manipulate tone and shading to give the work luminosity, so her paintings glow with the vibrance of life.
Nina Mihm’s work can be found in private collections in both the USA and Europe. She currently works out of her Dragonfly Ranch Studio in the hill country of Texas, just southwest of Austin. Her work can be seen at Art on 12 in Wimberley, TX and is also represented by Steidel Fine Arts.
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Jennifer Morris

MEDIUM:Oil, Acyrlics, Watercolor, Graphite/Drawing

Janice Mullenax

MEDIUM:Oil, Mixed Media, Photography, Glass

Renate Murphy


Lynn Myers


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I spent years in high-tech marketing, but painting has always been my passion. Busy working, I didn’t paint for 35 years. Now retired, I painted my dogs and many others, then: flowers, buzzards, whatever intrigues me. I majored in art back in the dark ages and constantly seek out new techniques.

Judith Nicholls


Nancy Paton


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My art reflects a dance between the two sides of my brain. One moment, I am in the left side of my brain and accuracy and realism is key. The next moment, I am in the right side, where creativity and spontaneity abound. Each of my paintings has a special place in my heart and they all have a purpose. Some are works of art created to enjoy a specific color. Some are experiments in form or style. And some are just for fun, because I never want to lose the joy and spontaneity of the creation of art.

Marianne Payne


Lilli Pell


Lenise Perez-Miller

MEDIUM:Mixed Media, Ceramics, Metals

Jefferis Peterson


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I began drawing in pen and ink in my early preteens, studied oil painting with Mr. Dan Mistrik in high school. Since 1993, I've worked in graphic arts & web design, and returned to painting in 2006.

Michael Petty


Sue Dee Pirkle

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil

Rob Pitzer

MEDIUM:Gallery Owner, Photography

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Pitzer's Fine Arts

Diana Popham


Claire Porter