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Victor Summers


Alyssa Surabian

MEDIUM:Woodburning w/ Acrylic and Watercolor

Terry Jay Thompson


Sara Thurman


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I am blessed to be in the middle of what God designed me to do, to create to bring heaven to the ends of the earth. There is a new artistic awakening in my spirit as a self-taught artist. I never thought of myself as an artist or that I could ever become one. But God has different plans! I love painting as a form of worshipping God. I started painting angels in November of 2016 and am expanding to other subjects as my confidence grows. I am on an exciting journey of being an artist. My husband and I use our profits from our Acts1:8 Blessings business for supporting missions around the world to make Jesus known. 


Betty Townsend

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic

Myra Naylor Tyler

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic

Julie Underriner

MEDIUM:Large Acrylic Pour Paintings, Mixed Media

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Kathy Utts

MEDIUM:Fiber Art

Chris Weaver


Susan Welch


Loyal White

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylics

Merrill Whitehead

MEDIUM:Oil, Pastels

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I’ve been drawing and painting since childhood. It’s part of me, like the color of my eyes or the shape of my nose. I drew constantly and everywhere—in class, in church, sitting under a tree. I found pastels in 1980 and never looked back, although I’m now exploring other mediums.

Mary Wiley


Marilyn Wilson

MEDIUM:Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media