Anna Lisa Leal – Guest Speaker

Sept. 11, General Meeting

I’ve always loved the act of creation – especially in combination with the outdoors. My subject matter is what moves me and it’s usually based around the patterns of nature. My goal as a painter is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor living spaces. As a native Texan, I am drawn to the beauty of the American Southwest for her color and the tenacity of the plants and animals. The odd beauty of a cactus – prickly, spiny, difficult to touch – yet splendid in their own right. The line and undulation of the agave leaf. The poignant beauty of the agave flower- the last hurrah before her eventual demise. I know that the subject I am painting is in alignment with the universe when I’m painting and go into a Zen state. Those are the best paintings – the reflection of nature’s spirit in all of us.