Art in Public Places Information

Participating Artists

  • Participation is on a first come first served basis.
  • There are 37 slots available for 2D artists.
  • There are 3 slots for 3D artists
  • If all slots are full, any artist applying over and above the aforementioned slots will be put on a waiting list.
  • If you are interested in participating, please email Tom Wiley AiPP Chairman (by clicking on this link using the subject line, Art in Public Places.

Approved Venues for Art in Public Places

  • Medical Plaza Lobby – 10 – 12 pieces, 2D
  • Dr. Price’s Office – 8 – 12 pieces, 2D
  • Wimberley Library – 16 – 32 pieces, 2D
  • Wimberley Library – 3, 3D
  • Ozona Bank – 2, 2D
  • Wimberley Visitor’s Center – 1, 2D


  • Artist’s receive 100% of the sale price of their art. There is no commission involved.
  • Participating artists are required to display a minimum of one piece of work during each rotation.
  • Depending on the number of artists participating, the venue, and the size of the 2D work, more art from individual artists may be accepted/hung.
  • PLEASE email the following information to the AiPP Chairperson 1 week prior to your assigned rotation days for all venues:
    • A JPEG of each piece of art that you will have on display.
    •  The following information on each piece of art must also be provided in this exact format:
      • Artist’s Name – Title of Artwork – Media – Size – Price – Your Contact Information (Type this in one line, like you are typing a sentence.)
      • Example: Joe Smith – Blue Sunday – Oil – 16W x 20H – $800 – – – 512-111-222
      • NO quotation marks. NO forward slashes. NO backward slashes. NO special symbols with the exception of $ and @.
  • For 2D art, please space wires approximately 6″ from the top of the work. Wires need to be pulled as tight as possible, i.e., straight across the painting with no sag/give in the wire.
    • Saw-tooth hangers will NOT work and are NOT allowed.
  • All artwork will be hung for the artists by the Art in Public Places committee.

Rotation Schedule

  • Medical Plaza, Dr. Price, and the Library
  • Rotation of artwork is every four months with all AiPP artists participating. Days for rotations are always on a Thursday.
  • 2019 Rotation Dates are:
    • January 3
    • May 2
    • September 5
  • Ozona Bank and the Wimberley Visitors Center
    • Will have monthly rotations with 3 artists participating each month.
    • Each artist participating in Art in Public Places will be given one, one-month opportunity during each twelve-month period to display a single piece of their art in one of these venues concurrent with displaying their art in the Medical Plaza, Dr. Price’s Office or the Wimberley Library.
  • Unfortunately, there can be no special requests from artists on where they want to hang their art; this is both problematic to administer and not fair to other artists.
  • A yearly list of participants and when their art will hang in which venue is accessible on the WVAL website (at the bottom of this page).
  • Rotation reminders will be sent out
    • Two weeks prior to rotation
    • One week prior to rotation
    • The day before rotation
  • Artwork must be delivered to the assigned venue between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. the morning of each rotation day.
  • As a reminded – All Artwork will be hung by a special hanging committee.

Venue Assignments & Artist Agreements

Art in Public Places – Artist Agreement


Every 4 Months Artist’s Rotation Schedule

AiPP – 2019 – Venue Assignments – Medical Plaza, Dr. Price’s Office, Library – Master

Monthly Artist’s Rotation Schedule

AiPP – 2019 – Venue Assignments – Visitor Center & Ozona Bank