Studio Tour INFO for Sept 28-29, 2019

Get Your Map for the Upcoming Studio Tour: 5 Studios, 10 Artists! Sept 28-29…

Pastel Workshop

Six artists signed up for the Anna Lisa Leal pastel painting workshop on November 4th, sponsored by WVAL. After learning about the various types of pastels, including the nuances between different manufacturers, and all of the paper media to use as support, the artists got to work. Anna Lisa provided lots of encouragement and everyone came away with at least…

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Steve Shellenberger Presents

At the Nov. General Meeting Steve Shellenberger Presented If you have seen his work, it is the most complex but organic wood sculpture. Steve will explain his process with video accompaniment. For most of his life Steve has been involved with many different art mediums. Starting out focusing on drawing and oil painting he moved on to photography and acrylics….

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2018 Arts Fest Now Accepting Applications

On Monday, September 4th, registration was opened for 2018 Arts Fest. Any artists who would like to submit an application can do so by going to Zapp.

Anna Lisa Leal – Guest Speaker

Sept. 11, General Meeting I’ve always loved the act of creation – especially in combination with the outdoors. My subject matter is what moves me and it’s usually based around the patterns of nature. My goal as a painter is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor living spaces. As a native Texan, I am drawn to…

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MAY 8 – RON RENCHER & Workshop

MAY 8 MEETING FEATURES RON RENCHER Our guest speaker for our May 8 meeting will be Ron Rencher, a plein air painter extraordinaire! Take a look at his work on his website. You won’t want to miss this meeting. Ron will be discussing how to use color, shapes, and values to create unity and harmony in a painting. Ron currently…

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