Deadline for Renewing 2019 Membership is December 15, 2018

The WVAL is initiating PayPal for online renewal in 2018. There are many reasons for this. PayPal is SAFE, SECURE, and EASY to use. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal Account to join the WVAL or renew your membership!

Members need only to click on the link above and within minutes they will have completed the renewal process for this year’s membership. No more need to download a renewal form to your computer, print it, fill it out by hand, write a check, find an envelope, address the envelope, go to the Post Office to buy a stamp and then put all of it in the mail. After living in the 20th Century for almost 18 years, the WVAL Board decided it is high time we found a way to make things easier on our members.

An added benefit is that there will be no more mistakes in logging an incorrect address for our members. The information you input into the form becomes a permanent part of the process and is easily downloadable to an Excel spreadsheet that is used for meeting check-ins, juried show check-ins, directories, etc.

So what are you waiting for?  Click away!

All the best to each of you!

The WVAL Board of Directors