Learn about Instagram

Our next general meeting will be Monday, April 8th, at 6:30 pm in the Wimberley Community Center. The presentation will focus on how to use INSTAGRAM as a tool to promote your art.

As artists, we all want more people looking at our art work. The more eyes viewing our masterpieces, the greater our chances of sales, recognition, affirmation, exhibitions etc.

Fortunately today we live in a world where social media can provide a platform that allows us to easily share our creations with a broad audience. Not just our friends and family, but people we’ve never met who are interested in the type of art we create. The question often is, “I know I should be using social media to promote my art work, but how do I get started?”

Laurel Coyle, a photographer and the daughter of Connie Schaertl, will be our guest speaker and she will answer this question and others pertaining to Instagram usage. Laurel teaches Instagram classes and will share her knowledge of the intricacies of Instagram and how she uses it to promote her photography. Laurel Coyle’s Instagram account is laurelcoylephotographs.

So, if you are already using Instagram, but would like to learn more, or you have considered using it, but you’re not sure about how to get started, or you are just curious about what it has to offer you as an artist, this is the meeting for you!

To get the full benefit of the presentation, it’s strongly suggested that you install the Instagram app on your phone or tablet prior to the meeting. The Installation instructions are listed below.

To create an Instagram account from the app:

1 Download the Instagram app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
2 Once the app is installed, tap to open it.
3 Tap Sign Up With Email or Phone Number (Android) or Create New Account (iPhone), then enter your email address or phone number (which will require a confirmation code) and tap Next. You can also tap Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.
4 If you register with your email or phone number, create a username and password, fill out your profile info and then tap Done. If you register with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to log into your Facebook account if you’re currently logged out.

Meeting reminders will be sent out as we get closer to April 8th, but In the mean time, if you have any questions concerning this topic, please feel free to contact me at 512-667-8134 or s2d7s@aol.com.

Steve Shellenberger