May Gallery Show

WVAL Members Juried Exhibition

May 15, 2019 Through July 16, 2019

Juror: Kevin Ivester

Gallery Director, Davis Gallery

Austin, Texas

Juror’s Statement

“As I entered the room and quickly glanced at the work from a distance, I determined that my initial approach would need to be decisive. There were so many fantastic examples of skill, creativity, and composition.


During my first pass I moved quickly and made definitive decisions based on the work’s ability to affect me immediately and from afar. I found myself glancing at some work that I had dismissed from the show right away, and realized that many of them, on another day, could have lasted that first harsh pass. If your work was not chosen for this show, please do not be discouraged. An experience of art is often influenced by the chance attitude of that particular viewer, but still I felt compelled to stand by my initial pass.


During my following passes I chose to focus and reflect on the level of craftsmanship exhibited in each work. At this point I did not need to make any further subtractions, but I had the equally difficult task of choosing, among the wide range of subject matter, technique, medium, and concepts the honorable mentions and three winners. I asked myself a series of questions for each piece individually. Does this piece provoke a particular emotion or ask a valuable question? Has the artist used his or her materials in a creative or unexpected manner? Would I like to see more work by this artist?


The jury process is never definitive, but it is an opportunity to receive thoughtful and sincere feedback. I was honored to participate in this exhibit and I took my role of selecting artwork seriously. I would like to encourage each one of you to continue to pursue and share your work. With each exposure to critique we give ourselves the chance to learn and to grow. For an artist this learning curve is not simply personal. It also, and most importantly, inspires a more compassionate and impactful conversation with our viewers.


I want to thank Martha Gibson for inviting me to jury this year’s Wimberley Valley Art League. I would also like to thank the volunteers who helped make this event possible, and who helped me during my selection process. Lastly, I want to congratulate each artist who submitted his or her work for this year’s show.

Thank you all.


Kevin Ivester”

Tuesday, July16 -8:00-11:00amPick Up Artwork at Community Center