Show and Sale October 2019



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Show & Sale General Guidelines

 Annual Show & Sale General Information

Each year WVAL hosts a Show & Sale in Wimberley Community Center for our members to display and sell their art work.  Each year a theme is chosen and depending on circumstances the time of year may change.  This year, 2019, the theme is “Eat, Play, Love” and it will be held on October 24-27.

  • Show & Sale is held over a weekend. See below for specific schedule.
  • Entry fees are $40 per member participating. The fee is paid through PayPal via the online application and a 20% commission will go to the Art League for all sales.
  • Each member who participates is REQUIRED to volunteer to help with some portion of the organization and running of the Show & Sale. Artists will choose either to be a hanging artist or a table artist.  There is space for 10 table artists and 35 hanging artists. The requirements for each are as follows:
  1. All table artists are responsible for their own set up, tear down, and manning their table throughout the entire show either by themselves or by a designated individual in their place.
  2. All hanging artists are required to participate in either set up or tear down, as well as volunteering for a 2 hour shift in one of the following areas:
    1. Greeter – Working at the entry of the show to greet attendees and guide them around the space if necessary.Also, ask them to vote for the People’s Choice Award.
    2. Sales – Work at the front sales desk to record, package, and handle receipt of money or other means of payment for each sale. Some training may be required and experience is helpful for this position.
    3. Floater – Will assist other volunteers as needed in their duties, help with customer sales on the floor, and relieve any table artist in need of a break.
    4. Hospitality – Will help with set up and tear down of decoration and food display for reception, as well as serving wine and drinks and keeping tables filled throughout the evening of the reception.
  • Set up – Set up involves the retrieval and installation of screens and equipment, set up of tables for table artists, intake for all hanging artwork, hanging and display of artwork, creation of tags for each hanging piece, and labeling of the corresponding artwork.
  • Tear down and Clean up – The removal and storage of all art league supplies, food, trash, and equipment from the Community Center.
  • Hanging artists will deliver their artwork on Thursday afternoon.
  • Since there is no available storage each participating member must pick up and remove their unsold artwork following the close of the show on Sunday.



  • Thursday and Friday morning – Retrieval and set up of screens, tables, equipment, and supplies for display and sale
  • Thursday Afternoon – Delivery of all hanging artwork. Table artists may set up their table displays at this time.
  • Friday Morning – All table artists set up their table displays, all finishing details for general set up including hanging and labeling artwork.
  • Friday Evening – Opening Reception- open to the public
  • Saturday – Show and Sale open to the public
  • Sunday Afternoon – Show and Sale open to the public
  • Sunday Closing – Tear down and Clean up
  • Sunday Closing – ALL Artists pick up and remove all unsold artwork following the closing of the Show & Sale


General Guidelines

  1. This is a non-juried exhibit.All active WVAL members in good standing for 3 months prior are eligible to participate.
  2. Participants are REQUIRED to volunteer to assist with some portion of the organization and running of the Show & Sale according to the General Information above.
  3. Hanging members may submit 4 pieces of artwork and a maximum 20 unframed pieces to be displayed in a self-provided bin or rack. They are asked to submit and label the piece of their choosing based on the theme for the People’s Choice Award.  Jewelry, 3-D, and other table artists will be provided one 6 foot table with black tablecloth for display.  They may also choose a piece to be displayed based on the theme for the People’s Choice Award.  The table artists will be responsible for set up, tear down, and manning their table at all times during the open hours.
  4. Art subject matter must be appropriate for all ages. Wimberley Community Center is a family friendly venue.  The gallery committee reserves the right to reject any artwork not deemed appropriate.
  5. Only original work, including fine art prints, photographs, digital art, or other forms of original artwork, signed by the artist will be accepted. All artwork must be created entirely by the artist.
  6. All artwork must be dry to the touch.Hanging artwork must be framed or have finished edges with no visible staples.  No hanging artwork may exceed 25 lbs. unless the artist provides an easel or appropriate display pedestal.  Due to space limitations, all hanging artwork must not exceed 96” in height and width combined.  Hanging artwork will be labeled by WVAL.  All table artists and artwork put into bins or display racks must be labeled and priced by the individual artists.
  7. All artwork must be for sale and prices may not be changed for the duration of the Show & Sale. WVAL will collect, report, and pay the sales taxes to the State of Texas.  WVAL will retain 20% commission, with 80% going to the artist.  The artists will receive a check by mail within a month of the Show & Sale.  All sales will take place at the main sales desk.  Each item sold will be recorded by the sales volunteers on each artist’s inventory sheet.