Steve Shellenberger Presents

At the Nov. General Meeting Steve Shellenberger Presented
If you have seen his work, it is the most complex but organic wood sculpture. Steve will explain his process with video accompaniment.

For most of his life Steve has been involved with many different art mediums. Starting out focusing on drawing and oil painting he moved on to photography and acrylics. His interests have expanded to include pen and ink, computer generated art as well as print making and other mediums. Currently his focus is on creating dimensional organic wooden forms emphasizing color, pattern and texture.

After graduating from Lamar University, he taught art and industrial arts for 7 years before starting a career at Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson, Texas. After transferring to Midland, Michigan, he retired from Dow after working in the environmental, health, and safety area for 27 years.

Basically self taught, he has taken graduate level art classes at both North Texas University and University of Houston. In addition he has attended two Art New England summer workshops at Bennington College.

He attributes his exploration of so many different art mediums to his curiosity and just finding joy in the process of creating. He looks forward to not only expanding his current creations in wood but to future experiences wherever his curiosity may take him.

He has been happily married for 45 years and has one son.

Steve Shellenberger

Steve Shellenberger