Your Juried Gallery Images

Getting your images in our online show

When you are selected for a WVAL Juried Gallery Show, we would like to put images of your work up to celebrate your accomplishments and to give you exposure. However, since this is a time consuming process for any volunteer, we have set up a procedure that will streamline the process and save time. These guidelines MUST be followed or your image will not appear. You are RENAMING the image on your computer before you send it to me. For example, if your phone or camera names the image something like IMG43.jpg  it must be renamed in the following format before sending it to me in email:

Image Title – Artist Name – Medium – Size – Price.jpg  (or .png)  PLEASE use hyphens ONLY between sections, not in title or name, e.g.


IMPORTANT:  TITLE of your piece FIRST  – THEN YOUR NAME      NOT  your name first.  I need this sequence to keep it standardized for display.  
When the image is renamed it should like this on your computer: Named
To review   I have figured out how best to do a bulk import of information to the website and that is why I need you all to follow the format.
Image Title – Artist Name – Medium – Size – Price.jpg  (or .png)
Now some of you are sending images to me and putting the title in text above or below the picture.  That is okay but here’s the problem.  I have to upload all the images in bulk and if your image is actually named something like  IMG453.jpg   I can’t tell what it is or to whom it belongs unless I go back through each email and try to tag them.